Writing for Diversity (adult)

This workshop is an intensive, three hour class designed to guide the writer into a new epoch of their writing, helping them forge new, uncharted worlds. This class is specifically designed to facilitate a discussion and an understanding of writing outside of the dominant paradigm along race, gender and orientation lines.

  • Can writers write without stereotyping?
  • Can writers write without remixing or erasing cultural markers?
  • Can writers tell modern stories that speak to modern racism, sexism and homophobia, to an audience that needs to hear and understand these institutions?
  • Can they not “The Help” every aspect of history?
  • Can writers imagine fully realized, emotional characters of color, queer characters, women characters, removing their creations from monolithic archetypes and harmful caricatures?

YES! And with this workshop we will set out to prove just how, through these activities:

  • Intensive excercises in style and theme
  • Discussion on appropriation in writing
  • Lessons on centering traditionally marginalized characters against hegemony/monolith
  • Analysis of the harms of tropes and typecasting and depth of character