Workshops are available for adult and all-ages classes. The workshops include:

NO-TROPE-IA: Writing for Diversity

For adult learners. The writing, art, film, and comics worlds are abuzz with the idea of “diversity”. Many aspiring writers are looking to enrich their stories with characters who are more reflective of the world around them. Yet, many feel stuck or don’t know how to encapsulate the depth and humanity of characters who don’t look like themselves, or who haven’t been, traditionally, part of the mainstream cannon. Essentially, if your character isn’t a straight white male, there aren’t many readily available examples to pull from or be influenced by, especially if your lived experience is limited. Well, with great diversity comes great responsibility!

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CREATING WORLDS: genre writing for the rest of us

For all ages. In Creating Worlds, we explore creating characters with diverse backgrounds, breaking down tropes, and constructing fantasy, science-fiction, or super-hero worlds that are reflective of all of us.

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